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Recently I had a chance to meet one of my old friends after a gap of 20 years. Over a glass of wine, we cherished our old memories. He took out his MacBook and started showing me the old photos of our school days which he recently scanned with his scanner.

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Although I enjoyed going back to the memory lane but honestly, I did not like the image quality of the photos. There were scratches here and there and some were faded at the corners. Being an IT professional, I suggested him to buy a good photo scanner that comes with automatic image correction features and software to enhance and manage the pics.

After I reached home I wondered how good it would be to share my experience with all those who wish to buy the best photo scanners of all time. So, here I have this guide just for you all to buy a good photo scanner and preserve your precious memories embedded in photos. This is a trouble-free and easy to use photo scanner. It is equipped with CCD charge-coupled device image sensors that auto crops and deskews the images automatically while scanning.

Best Photo Scanner for Mac:

It comes with a unique design that lets you insert the photos one by one from the top and is much efficient than a flatbed scanner. Old memories in paper form are often faded but with a powerful included software, you can easily enhance these photographs digitally. With a user-friendly interface, the software also lets you share these saved pics with your friends and relatives on various social media accounts.

The Plustek scanner is compatible with both Mac and windows OS. One of the high speed photo scanners, Epson FF offers many innovative features apart from basic scanning functionality.

With smart photo fix technology, you can customize the photographs by color-enhancement and moreover, it also helps in red-eye reduction. The other feature that sets it unique among other scanners is its ability to scan both the sides of the photograph in one go. It will help you keep any personal remarks on the backside of the photo.

Furthermore, you can also scan other documents at a high resolution of dpi and keep your home or office paper-free. Support Mac and PC. Having problems with the drive, when tried to installed is telling me is not compatible, my computer running in Windows 10 62 bit, when tried to run from Website for window only run on 32bit. Call support number nobody answer, and after several ring ask for you to let a message, After I wrote this review, I receive an e-mail with new instruction, I called them and the service was outstanding, in a couple of minutes they were able to fixed the problem and my scanner is working now.

Nye Kingsport, TN. I switched to all digital photography many years ago due to the high cost of film and photo processing and the ease of digital photography. For years, though, I have wanted to scan my old print photos and convert them to digital files for permanent archiving. In the past I have used a flatbed scanner for scanning photos, but it is just too slow and cumbersome to scan a large number of photos in a timely fashion. I own a Fujitsu ix ScanSnap scanner that quickly scans both photos and documents that I use mainly for document scanning, so I was quite interested to see how the Epson FastFoto FF scanner would compare.

The scanner sent to me for review arrived well-packaged with firm Styrofoam protection to prevent damage. The size of the scanner is not large at all, and it is pretty much the same size Over two years I scanned about a thousand pictures using a flatbed.

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This scanner did the same maybe better in under two weeks! I wish this would have been available earlier! Photos come out enhanced and with good resolution. The only thing is doesn't do the accompanying software is to geo tag the photos it does ad a timestamp you provide. Also keeps everything organized. The only downside I've experienced is the unit doesn't like to get hot. It has a fan that kicks on, but if you leave it running all day like I've done towards the end of the day it starts having trouble resulting in stretched or smooshed scans.

Letting it cool off has always corrected the problem. Probably wasn't designed to run for 8 hours straight. Totally worth the price for what it does. A much reviewed product.

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Also, some very good tech reviews on other web sites. I thought I might have something to add? I had a Mustek several years ago that stopped working, so without getting technical yet , it was obvious that "all in one" was not very good. I expected this to be a bonus, but since they can scan negatives, I wanted to buy the best of the two. And that is all you should expect, the best of the class. It is a 5 star value for See All Buying Options.

Flatbeds: The Rule for Photo Scanning

In around 24 hours of working at it, I scanned over photos most from negatives but some from photos too. My only negative with this device would be that the screen needs to be viewed straight on so it would have been better with a flip up screen. Still, great product!!! The Doxie Flip is an interesting take on mobile scanning. Most of the time a mobile scanner comes in the form of a document scanner and not a flatbed.

It's not a full size 8. The scanner's max scan size is 4 x 6 which is about what your typical photo is. If you're scanning something larger say a larger image or pages of text you can take multiple scans of the object and using Doxie's software, stitch the scans into one image. The scanner uses SD cards to store scanned images and is supplied with a 4GB card.

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Higher-end units include adjustable sliders or even separate bays to handle more difficult documents like laminated identification cards. Scan speed - If you scan a lot of documents — or if you have boxes of old photos you need to digitize — then scan speed is a huge concern. Look at how many pages a scanner can handle per minute, but also keep in mind that scanners with automatic document feeders help speed up the process and free you from the necessity of manually placing each item in the scanner.

Cloud support - Some document and photo scanners are capable of scanning and uploading directly to the cloud. If you want easy access to your scanned files, look for a scanner that supports Google Drive, Dropbox, or whatever cloud service you use. This scanner earned rave reviews from our testers for its fast speed and convenience. Share Pin Email. Updated February 15, The Rundown Most Popular: Buy on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Canon. Buy on Amazon Buy on Epson. How We Tested Our reviewers spent five hours testing a popular document scanner. What We Don't Like Complex accompanying software.