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The handa wei. Joe Jackson bhey gave it all they had in tht Babe Ruth only way they knew. Became he hot at the fences and stands from th n outset, an. Cobb called Ruth a home-run specialist. Anythingsh go as long as the hitter comes into the ball at the right spllt-seonc.. Didn't Lou Boudreau wrap himself into a pretzel? You won- dered how the splendid shortstop unr aueled in time. When Stanley Musial first came around, some keen analyst cracked that Stan the Man wouldn't be in the league three weeks with that swing.

The left-hand hitting Donora Dandy stands looking over his right shoulder like a running thief with a ecop o his tail. When Arky Vaughan first showed up, he had a pronounced and wide straddle, bid not stride at all, simply broke his front knee, yet Lety O'Doul predicted he would lead the league.


I Asked why, O'Doul, the batting-stylist replied: He's different. Ninety per cent of the good hitters have their feet together. Ty Cobb onhe told Harry Heilmann to get his feet together. I Yet overstrilkig is the most disastrous qf faults. The batter is finish.

Rogers Horneby stood as far back and away from it as he could, waited for the pitch to expend its energy before hitting it at the last split-second. The Rajah stepped in to whack outside pitches. Musical Is something of a left hand hitting Hornsby in being behind and away from the plate, but his feet are together.

Joe Medwick was away from the plate a bit. So was Al Simmons and the current foot-in-the-bucket swatter and wide straddler, Junior Stephens. Hitting Is a matter of striding and timing, so a balanced stance is perhaps the best for a beginner. It reduces the likeh6od of overstriding. Not too much can go out of whack. Louis at New York 2. Detroit at Boton. Cleveland at Philadelphia 2. Louis 47 Brooklyn at CIneinnati ,. New York at St. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 2. Boston 0 00 5 11 Chicago 0 0- 16 4 Wilson, Estock 4 , Patiie 6.

Ohapman 1-l 8 and Cooper, Muelr d 4 , St. Viraat, nd oted himOel N o Jn r bgori. R tdoneb. M is not a. Oollshed boxer. But t left to the AW a gt etrm o l oe made him an alluring attraction. Hurley hap held out f. I is conceialethAat after Harry ad wppod Murpy, and indicated his r. Justfde ou u will triumph. Like 4Jsk Dempsey, ob was born in Colorado Flagler, to be exact. He w born Edwin Le Murphy is a product of the Navy.

He came out with six aic ti. With 3 ut one w hd , fights.. PIwrr8BUR, lug. But nc J , Dodgers mar, recaliS. Palica big winner late last year. I ipFr argues that alica ip hard as any man on nI staf. He just flips the at it, comes in like a bul- 'em out and a lousy pitch if he doesn't. Buc coach, says he thinks Dressen's action will have a deaaging effect on the Brooklyn scoung program. Boys have to leave home when they go into baseball, he observes, and a scout often has to sell a young- ster's parents on the merits of the baseball organization as if It were a college.

Myers purcl NA W r a Kdltor sol, but very few switch. The reason te that Hanover Pat. IXt Something. Fa or Hanover's Someth that. Valdinas ear 's Princess Martha. The and gnrw. Blake Hanover, etc. White Hanover, yearlings and we; department finally prohibited Egan Hanover and so on. Hanover is consi Lawrence: Sheppard and mem- is is the 25th anniversary of lings to. The Star bers of the office staff. The founding of Hanover. That tion Sale in Harr The name of a trotter or pacer occurred inl.

Lawrence B. Te ses, the, best in Mexico, have a long-standing fetd. There owned and 96 ducklings. There rned mares and aled this year, s. A total of he Farms to be re Ihis spring, signing year- idardbred Auc- isburg, Pa. This is a new nigh ior anlyarm, th e previous having been sent by Hanover two years ago.

The only. Titan Hanover. Lawrence Hanov- er and Rodney, which was Ed- win Hanover-were bred there. Hanover has accounted for tine Hambletonlans. Star's Pride Goes There Hanover's roster of stallions, either 2: Earmarked for duty at Han- over after his racing career is Star's Pride, the world record- wrecker of recent weeks. McElwyn, wasn't bred there, accounting for the name, but his get will be Some- thing Hanover this or Hanover's Something that. A- In a questionnaire. Emanuel Celler asks: Replying to the Brooklyn poli- tician's query, the first thought is too many bad clubs and over- paid poor players, but when you dig into it the answer is the bon-' us business.

Giving totally untried kids huge iums has created more ill feeling than shoving in the sub- way at the rush hour. Until the so-called bonus rule was repealed, major league out- fits had to carry useless work- men, playWshorthanded, or. High-priced peagreens can be farmed now.

As lackluster a. The Tigers handed Wakefield, the Michigan sophomore. The nonchalant young man from Ann Arbor got all the money he would ever need before he broke in, so told Billy Evans when the Detroit general man- ager tried to shake him up. Don't suffer needleasr. Esatlqnce, C and other stomach distress -brouht on by' excs acid. If tese peope would try drinking slowly after each meal fa a glan f hot water ro. That would teachthem. President Fradk Shaughnessy of the Internatial League sug- gests such a regultltbn, but fears that owners would circumvent it.

In the case of Pettit, a Holly- woodd ovie gpn4'bt around tme ;h-school rule'by sigi the scholastic wonder to a, 00l9t con- tract, abd peddling it to the Pittibufgh club when his class wa graduated. Bob Carpenter of the Phillies and other magnates complained about under-the-table transac- tions during the life of the bonus legislation.

There would have been none of that under Judge Renesaw Mountain Landis. He had way of putting a finger on and, deal- ing with sharp practice. Anyway, the bonus babies should be made to do consider- ably more than just come and get it. Martha Bynoe threw the first ball in the inaugural ceremony. Cyclonia nipped Pico by a score of Both teams fought hard with Teddy Smith making two fast baskets in the last two min- utes to give Cyclonia the edge.

Top scorer for the game was Frank South with 10 points. In the second game Victor 5 had an easy time with the Lake View team who walked away in the first quarter and continued to win by a score of Tom Lowe starred with 20 points. The affair was sponsor- ed by the Physical Education and. Recreation Branch, which gave awards for the games. Three sets had to be played. SU- ver City won the first and lost the other two.

In the last set Sil- ver City had Paralso when Evelyn Wilson got her girls to- gether and finally picked up 12 straight points to go ahead and win the game--score , , La Boci defeated Silver City Jr. High School Wir4s T the most thrilling and extng pme lay- ed. Both teams taki the advantage In and out.

La caiae through with two points to beat them, score , La Boca Jr. With Mercury you are sure-backed by proof, not claims-that your Mercury is built to last for more years than you 'may ever need. That's because every Mercury is designed and built for your local driving conditions. And that means extra strength, extra safety, and unbeatable economy of operation and upkeep!

I simple n yrnp o Wrenar u Colors show a preference for a akes Clen c Salten still of the to taste. Bure ,fors.. He rs er Coffe lot 4,1y eall the muted "'fur" aIades. There are two ways q ee -. On e re caol Sthe most elegant of all. So far lines shown have its equlvalefit, t level ma4ur- Combine coffee, cred ,, se of training Is to teach dog obedience.

Owner and dog take been influenced bytall the etr- int bl. Its aim is to bl treatment. He ho used a great of turbans, torfades andl top-rt 6 w 1n aoe t treatment. He ha used a great of turbans, torado and ftop-. Seth l ot. Skirts have as those with plenty of "body" to The Dretoire influence canill tall gl w, really problem dogs. They simply companion, crawled down a few inches low- them. Q ler h. Allo w i the One We a. In a unique charm school for skilled instructors. Owners are petticoats under skirts which are look by the help of darts and ture a square-cut arirhole which Veils are a "must" on all but lke Best i, gs here, just one course is told never to shout at their dogs said to be itaging.

What makes nor to stamp their feet. Often, turn to fullness in many dis- Sleeves are to be more fancy Pierre Balmi on the other "bonnet. The first thing "Haughty" collars will com- the choker collar. F el glass w n with his pet and must teach the child learns is that he must mand a regal bearing while bird- Besides dropping skirts, Chris- contrasting s ae, l cots will to a gal.

Inc taSr hass t o- dicu btle-ste ngt co'ee. Ase r fir each exercise. The Flag Dog never tease or torment animals. SC rby his master's side without pul- eo rtn Room, ling on the leash. Once he's gotu eWF- Ot 21' that, he learns to sit and stand O 7au hM iCe on command, to come instantly when called, to do a high Jump You will admit a new recipe and a broad jump, to fetch and for the iae old ingredientS hi 'aisiren song of style causes carry light bundles, to retrievetake some of the drudgery out.

Heeding the allure of the sonal property from a number of And also, that the excitement of , 4est thing'in sleeves, shoulders, different objects through scent turning out something different and hem lines, many women discrimination. Spinach Loaf alike brgh-eye willing tle follow who buys he l el at thelIorn-drughrFeo the mfihute" garment's lifetime-that If there's envy among these Spinach is especially good in poatons of the swarnkiest restaurant, pople j4t nturaf, 1w4 Ice eem..

Prepare exactly and nourishing and wholesome as It. A few pf as eld'- ish. I class. When a beautiful boxer as for creamed spinach, adding a stcrs may remember stng off thp porch wlth a id -r , named Lady jumps a hurdle with little chopped onion for flavor. Th taste of real easily supporVthe whims of fash- ents watch with intense interest. Use the crumbs in homffermyoua ice cr ta t'is tsh till anr nd cosno w ctlAt'sbelngt tei. And they look to puddings or other baked dishes. O Pudding and Pieo Filling, cn be frote n o in lr clr' r fgrotye fith. With inexpensive fashion their owners for the only reward Fill with the hot spinach mix- obsolutely delicious to Fat.

Owners are not encouraged top of the loaf. Bake until hot is so good. Jell-O0 Pudding and Pie Filling is s rich'n creamy-smooth, yobi If leg o' mutton sleeves are to give their pets bonbons or and crisp, then cut in slices and nee4,only qne gqp oft. Letha Booth of the Kings tI. Of this cut. If you want to izen. He won't chew up slippers Virginia, suggests this new one.

Pie Filling any flavor' 1 ep crem, whippe demonstrate you're in the run- or rugs, break things, snoop a- Creamed Onions With Peanuts c up sugar" Ailing, purchase an inexpensive round in gutters or display a Make a good cream sauce with Combine pudding. Cook and stir over medium heat uwfil mlxture'tmed toa bI1' and Is You can toss it aside when a old cigar butts. But his character cook book. Boil onions, and pour thickened. Beat slightly with rotary egg beater.

Fold in hilpdd. He's all dog, sauce over them, adding salted Turn into freezing troy of autohaotic refrIgatoor setting cnt"l 'for "te Aguting the age of this garment. Freeze foIr I hour. Then turn intO a bowl 'nd. Freezing time: That's what youI coli goes right from its pect o necticut Janina M. CzaJkowski a find in Baker's 4-in-1i Instant Co- don't even thaw it beforehand ii. For this versatile new mix not a pan of boiling water coks in, ' ,. Sa biness two plentiful seasonal in-down to the sea to swim in- NEA Staff Writer strap in these color. When you ser gredients. The A full-length hooded sweater luck into lunchboxes or pile on luscious, beautifully pgaew Birds Eye Three cups rhubarb.

Broccoli is quick frozen 'wihen If's. It fastened with gold clasps from videos a cover-up on any beach. Makes smooth, smooth frosting for fresh from the garden, so thoai all its sugar. You'Il be pleased with the chance to wilt! In wet-sand brown, the worn with other sweaters, and ease and economy of Baker's 4-in-1 a-week shopping schedule; too;1. A sleek swim suit left in suit is banded in yellow-and- slacks. In this instance, it hides Instant Cocoa and your f6rmily can buy ony quantity ao4 keep the Cut the rhubarb into one-inch virgin wool measures up in red at waist and bodice top.

No ts -we've even seen. Mix the melted butter amount of know-hew can mooke poor it contain, some thiLteen re Price Includes your script Inltiell with the bread crumbs. Then tea taste better but fine tea con cipes and the historical oUnd Heavily plated, beautifully styled.. So of each. Its editors the exclusive "Signature" is Old Compeny meg, and orange rind aeparateal. I begin with Maxwell House Tea, to country to find' out. Rogers Mfg. Pv spoon, you receive list of complete and bread crumbs in a greased ing water.

Todas nuestras marcas

Sendl for the 5 caserole dish, using the bread beltlun water. Allow it to steep for of measuring, mixing and ,boilnks ning value--offered by -lb crumbs for the top layer. Com- I 'oat least three minutes, preferably hints. The result, with ,plcturej, Iful Kellogg'as vAzr, bet pick 'n' bine the orange juice and water five. In that time, the rich, choice inth-rctio s end the history 9i each fun of all! Apcropateis, the f cereal favorites- Grand anytime Why ave a Home Cover and bake in a hot oven.

Try this ssterm. Remove cover and continue if you don't increase your- teanl'n- Swans Down Cake Flour fapeu, Serve with story hours in the kitchen. It will your m9els Ies appetiin o P. BOX Soner. Your Mood Has Wings vben s chwtables met. They give re free- Tour of U.. Fe e e sb e your ai versatile you. If you wo he ighthearte klsnot one: InBEhe wd o keTp. DOEL, S. Miaght "'chuii".

Pree- all, 4Mla. Homer Woffard, Mrs. S MacMaster, t Mrs. Mullet, and Mrs. S a g wsg en lkse ant eir guests are. Ih Balboa. C for dancing. IMION v -a -- k-- bodlce. There's a reason. The mitts embellished wih pearls. In the early 's. The Missourl conservation 1st measured the brain capacity Mi.. Cal- houn. Colonel Wilam cf ,wa best mdan.

Over two hundred gu est at- tended the reception hqld in the ailrobm of the Hotel TTvoli after he wedding. Waggoner will make their. Fort Oulick. AlcbA des. Arosemena, wife of J xcellei7cy the Pres. Bennett Hnored At B. Voy geLuncheon To- fete Mr. Bennett, who is leavit g Mn'atrip to Miami early next week, a group of friend gave.

Attending the luncheon were ars. George Arias, Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Audrey Kline, Mrs. Henry Fdane,. Charles Maeurray rs. John M Mrs. Brack Hat- ler, and Mrs. Leon' Greene. Farewell Luncheo For 'Mrn. D StaemOn Mrs. Edward Barlow and Mrs.

Covers were laid for ten. M0 UW acomlalsoist can cite figures to pr9oe that the 'possum can give Brer abbit a run for his money when it comes to pro- ducing young. A mature cottontail rabbit produces a yearly average of about 17 young in four tters. The laborsav ng 'possum may produce just as many young in a year and does it in only two batches. The 'possum may be slow a- bout most things but the freak- ish little ial has the short- eat. However, the time 4I lengthened a little because the young. At birth, young oppossums are quite undeveloped and it would take of. They are so small that a litter of 16 would easily fit in a table- spoon.

The 'possum has many pe- culiarities not shared by fellow Noih American mammals. The America freak has a pouch similar to a kangaroo, a mon. Baked the omnivorous lit- tle mammal is a gourmet's der light to some. For this rea- son, the -posum. The wily little rambler of the wood deP. From Aug. Central in Mansam City. The oppossum's wit-box held only 25 beans, while that of 'the racoon measured bean- power. A genuine artistic climate is in the making. Already there have been some very gifted modern American artists. The air is filled with the expectation of things to come.

In the meantime, some impa- tient critics and museum direct- ors think a complete survey of what American artists have ac- complished so far would enhance this country's present position in the world of art. Save-t ued Maurer from the wafehouSes was a commenda- ble action. It ought not t9 have been one, however, with the intinlatlfn that this was a case of mIstunderstood genius. Maurer was certainly gifted. Nevertheless, he was' a slow- moving ploieAer who fan 20 to 30 years behind his time: His mis- fortune was that then the Am- erican public was not prepared for even such a delayed modern- ism.

Maurer lacked the moral strength to cut himself off from family and friends and to devote all his energies to art. Having di- vided his loyalties he failed both in life and in art. At the end he committed suicide. There is perhaps no- greater tragedy than to waste, one's life. Yet, misfortune is no subs- titute to greatness. There Is no gain In making believe that It is. John M.

Goddard, The sun-tanned trio put in for ten days at Cairo and then set out northward to reach the Me- diterranean at the Rosetta mouth, bringing to an end the first complete descent of the Nile. The Ka- gera feeds Lake Victoria, out of which flows the Nile. The trio explored the whole length of the river and re- corded it thoroughly for docu- mentaries on film "to let the! Kenneth C. Krogh was announced in yesterday's Panama American. Due to a make-up error, some papers were printed with another picture over Miss Smith's name.

The mistake was corrected while the run was in progress. I Continues Maduro Jr. You'll agree P. Dunn was born A C. Navy ptaldpia. Dyerof M evening. Miss Jean co-hostess with Ml r. Africa's crocodiles, hippos. The three adventurers lived mostly on the game knd fish they caught along the way until their firearms were gone. After that they ate from the provisions they had brought along with them "Just in case. The first dream to come true in Cairo was good ice cream.

Each had two helpings of It. Engelbright of Margarita, ahd Mr. James Edward Dunn of Rod- man, C. Carl J. Dunn of Rome, Georgia, were wed at a beautiful candle- light, double ring service at the NaVal Chapelyat Cdco Solo last evening at 6 o'clock. Winter of Rodmnan, C. Seven branched candelabra entwined with white blossoms lighted the chancel of the chapel, which was banked with palms. The pews were marked with clusters of white agapanthus tied with satin ribbon. Cassibry, organist, offered appropriate nuptial mu- sic, preceding the ceremony and played the traditional wedding march and' chorus.

The high neckline was of illusion with a yoke of delicate lae lace that extended over the shoulders. A fan-shaped godet of satin and accordion pleated lace centered the skirt from the waist to the hem. She wore elbow length lace mitts that- ended in points over, her wrists. Her bouquet was a! Her fingertip veil of Il- lusion fell from a coronet of starched lace and orange blos- soms. Miss Beverly Lindstrom adt- tended her sister as maid of hon- or. She wore a strapless ballerina gown-of lavender nylon over lav- ender taffeta.

Her stole was of lavender nylon with taffeta glove sleeTes. Her headdress was of match- ing flowers and net. Their gowns were fashioned in the sage style as that worn by the maid of honor. Miss Hawthorne wore yellow and her nosegay and headdress were trimmed with, yellow. They also wore nylon stoles with glove sleeves. The mother of the bride chose a navy blue taffeta with an over- dress. She wore a headdress of navy blue and white tulle..

The wedding reception was held at the Hotel Washington fol- lowing the ceremony. The lounge was attractively decorated with white flowers and tropical green- ery. Engelbright re- ceived the guests with the mem- bers of the wedding party. Henry D. Donald Humphrey serv- ed the three tiered" wedding cake which was topped with a minia- ture bride and groom. Dunn motored to the Pacific side and will spend several days in the Interior of Panama. Dunn chose a green embroidered organdy suit for travelling.

Walter H. Troop, Mr R. Max Welch. A, Hlidgins, Mrs. James Ob Durwood Stringer, Mr. Hawthorne, Mrs.

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Includes a step-by-step guide for edgy inspiration. Why We Love It It's never been this easy to create instagram-worthy looks! Use it with. Add to Bag. Read all reviews. Powered by TurnTo. Review More Purchases My Posts. One of my TOP palettes!! This is an excellent palette!! Beautiful shades laid out perfectly to create gorgeous looks. Great for beginners as well as pro artists! The best mostly matte palette out there! February 18, Robin H. Southgate, MI, US. Purchased 4 months ago. About Me:. One of the best palettes from Tarte. The colors are highly pigmented and bendable.

The only downsize is that they are powdery and leave a fair amount of fallout. But it's worth it! February 14, Diana C. Bucharest, Bucharest, RO. Purchased 1 month ago. February 13, Perm, Perm krai, RU. Amazing service! Great products! Prices are good! Im really happy to have found this company. I believe I'm a costumer for life: February 12, Christine L.

Dieppe, NB, CA. Purchased 3 weeks ago. Perfect blend-ability and is super pigmented. A classic that I always reach for. Samantha S. Really love this pallet! Only draw back is I ran out of my 5 favourites, such is life with pallets I suppose. Cold lake , AB, CA. My go to palette for everyday looks. Can easily go from day to night with these colors! Smells great and love the fact that it goes so well with the Remix palette for even more looks!

Love love love! February 11, Belmar, NJ, US. The best! February 9, Olga K. Cheboksary , Chuvash Republic , RU. Great formula, great application, decent array of shades. Great formula that glides on beautifully with barely any fallout. Application is very smooth and the colors are well pigmented that a little goes a long way. Sleek palette as well.

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My skin tone is a fair with olive undertones putting me right in the middle between cool and warm. For a palette named Pro I was expecting to be able to create more looks. Still keeping the palette! The formula of the shades is just too great to pass up. February 7, Kat D. Portland , OR, US. Purchased 2 months ago. Absolutely beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous palette the colors are bold and bright, perfect for a show, stage makeup or just a fancy night out!!

The rows make it easy to create a smoky eye build up before adding the transition colitis to finish. Well done tarte!! Houston, TX, US. I was hoping for more of a deeper red from mod but when it arrived it showed up more as a berry - different to the photo on here!

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All the neutral colours are stunning and great for blending for natural looks or to soften bolder looks. Shimmers are to die for. Birmingham , West Midlands, GB. This palette is very nice. It has looks from everyday casual to fun and play! I recommend this palette to anyone. February 6, Lisa E. Nesbit, MS, US. I've been wanting this palette for forever and finally I decided to treat myself to it; probably the best makeup purchase I've ever made.

The shadows have just enough pigment and brush on with ease. I've had problems with other brands lasting through the day, but there's no question that these withstand everything. February 5, Seattle, WA, US. A range of beautiful and perfect colors. The shadows are a lot lighter in the pallette than in the photo.

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But still beautiful and I love how they work. Skien, Telemark, NO. Great pigments.. I love this products, definitely reccommend if you love that neutral yet with a little color look. January 30, Nashville, IN, US. January 29, Riyadh, Riyadh, SA. The palette itself is amazing. Matte, black cap and glossy, golden base. Golden title. Bravo creators, top of good taste. Enough weighty, high-quality, tightly closed, but not so much to break her nails. January 26, Anastasia K.

Cheboksary, Chuvash , RU. Very pretty and easy to use. I'm very happy with the pallette colors and I got a good price. January 25, Katherine S. Livonia , MI, US. This palette is perfect for every day use but can also be used to create new and different looks. The quality of these shadows are fantastic!!! These are by far the best eyeshadows I have ever used! They last all day and blend very well. Femke L. Maastricht, Limburg, NL. Calling Color Collectors. This one is for you. All nice great colors that you will use. January 24, Hywanah B. Great everyday palette.

By far one of my favorite tarte palettes hands down! Columbus , OH, US. I love this palette so much! The colors are so pretty and they are super long-lasting. They stay on all day and they're also super blendable which I love. I highly recommend it! January 22, What a beautiful palette!

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The colours are all so wearable and complimentary. The pigments are great and blend beautifully. January 21, Lindsey P. London, London , GB. Looks great and blends well. Great price and I can't wait to show my daughter in college. January 18, Michelle S. Albany, OR, US. I just love this palette. It's so easy to work with. The colors blend soo well together. January 17,