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It ran fine, completed and then told me it needed to be Snow Leopard server to run. Yet it works fine on Virtual Box. When I was installing. VB seemed to select snow leopard server as the OS even when there seemed to be no option for me to select it. Will a standard install of Snow Leopard work? The requirement states: I never see that option. My Snow leopard is Other versions of Mac OS are not supported.

But the resulting VM is not really usable:. But the reason I did this experiment was to see if I can switch to Lion while continuing to have Rosetta available, since some of my work depends on Rosetta apps. I managed to install Lion virtualized on my iMac running Lion I tried importing to Parallel 7, but no luck, says no OS detected. Could you please publish or send me an video of how to do this. I have a problem too. I was using an original Luckily, I had a grey I used the articles instructions and now have a If anyone out there has succeeded in changing the guest screen resolution, I would be most appreciative in receiving some guidance.

Does anyone know if the desired install is possible or has been accomplished by others. I followed the guide but when I start it up it stops with the message: I am using a new Macbook pro primo Hi Jay. Me too. Tried with both Anybody know of a different version that might work? I have a In following your directions, I do not see a way to do the 3rd bullet —. I continued with the steps anyway. I got everything set up. I started the VM. I select my DVD drive with the Let it sit for a while, it can take a long time it is virtualized ater all.

You may need to try using an older build of VirtualBox:. Hey I have this problem too, I tried booting from both the disk in the disk drive and a saved disk image I made from the disk. Anyone have any ideas for what I could do? I got the exact same error as you when I tried to increase the number of available processors for the WM. I only works for me with 1 processor. I am on a Mac Pro with 12 virtual cores, so it feels kind of silly. Just want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness to your submit is just excellent and i can assume you are knowledgeable on this subject.

Fine with your permission let me to snatch your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work. I went through the process a few times using the defaults. When I click start it opens what looks like a terminal window and it hangs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried again choosing VDMK disk as someone suggested but it hung as well. This time I let it run 18 hours. I also downloaded an older version of VirtualBox since that was also suggested 4. So… I am realizing this might be un-doable. Thanks, Sue. Did all the recommended steps but neither manages to launch the Snow Leopard So for now my only solution for running Snow Leopard is via booting a partition on an external drive.

Hi I installed the OSX After removing the. Please help! Does this work on mountain lion too? Successfully got it running using the instructions in the article, with a non-server version of Snow Leopard v4. It would not boot up with more than 1 processor. Running on OS X Yosemite The 1st several tries, after installing Snow Leopard, it would boot into the OS 1x, but subsequent boots resulted in gibberish. Apparently, each time I had set it to 2 processors before the 2nd boot. Now I can test websites in Safari 5. Can u plz tell me its not wrking i want to run andriod studio i have 8 gb ram in my lapi my pc specs Corei7 HP 1 tb hard 8gb ram.

Installation of Snow Leopard fails because installer could not copy the necessary support files…. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Enter your email address below: Posted by: November 17, at 1: Mike says: November 17, at 2: Will says: Michael says: February 5, at 2: Robert Vaessen says: November 17, at 4: Marcos says: Tom says: Version 6. I welcome mac user feedback on Virtualbox - including from those that had problems with previous versions and users of commercial products like Parallels or Fusion.

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At the beginning of the semester the most current version of Virtualbox was 5. The first thing that happened was that I could not submit my assignments from Virtualbox for grade, or even attach them to an email. My instructor had me enable sharing and drag and drop, which I did choosing the bidirectional option. I still couldn't submit or attach my assignments until I finally found a page that said, despite what I kept reading elsewhere, that enabling sharing and drag and drop weren't enough; I needed to simply go to the virtual machine window and use the Insert Guest Additions option on the devices menu.

Everything worked like a dream, and I was really pleased. Now suddenly I have Virtualbox 5.

I finally found where I could get the 5. I repeated everything I did when I had 5. I am dead in the water for my class using Virtualbox. I can no longer number how many different ways I searched the internet for a solution to my problem. Most of the internet searches for issue-solution reports, actually all of them, are old posts with the latest date for an issue report being August of last year. I don't know what, if anything, I did wrong when I tried to update guest additions and I can't find a current post that gives me step-by-step instructions telling me what I need to do, which has me feeling like it's something I did or didn't do because I would have thought I'd have found current issue reports from Mac users.

Even so, I thought I'd email you with my experience anyway. Can you try VirtualBox 5. It lists some Linux fixes. If v5. I ended up doing the Mac equivalent of uninstalling Virtualbox. I then went to download Virtualbox again and found the new version. I downloaded 5. I couldn't find a 5. I mounted it, then restarted my virtual machine.

That seems to have done the trick at least drag and drop works, for some reason even though I have bidirectional set for it, I couldn't copy and paste. I will just get used to drag and drop I guess, even though I am a copy and paste person rather than a drag and drop person. All that matters to me right now is that I am able to get the files off my virtual machine so that I can submit them for grade.

Thank you so much for your reply and for posting my story! I really appreciate it. Sincerely, Beth" Thanks for the follow-up Beth. Later VirtualBox updates have been released since this report. VirtualBox 5. Did you have problems with OS X OS X Installation of Windows 7 Pro without any problems. I experienced a number of problems with applications.

For example, I tried to install software to run a program created by a colleague - this software downloaded and installed in under 30 seconds on several other Windows units, including a Lenovo PC and an old iMac with similar OS running VMWare Fusion 7. The background applications took almost an hour to install; Windows crashed Xs 1, and I could never get the program to work.

In addition, I tried running Windows Update and that program stayed active on the screen for up to an hour, with no visible activity downloads. Thanks for any suggestions. If you try VirtualBox 5. Delta and Combo updaters posted in the Aug 13th news and of course I'm sure you have a current TM backup and preferably a volume clone before OS updates. VirtualBox 4. I removed the virtual machine that was on my machine and after upgrading the operating system OS X However on setting up a new W7 virtual machine, Windows Boot Manager reports Status '0xca' - " Attempting to load a 64 bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with bit mode.

The initial error was due to the Oracle VM Virtual Software choosing the operating system and it choosing Windows 7 and not Windows 7 bit , this got me past the 0xca error. Although I did not get any correspondence from you, thanks as typing out the problem helped me look in detail with the setup and therefore resolve the problems encountered. I recd both mails at the same time. VirtualBox on OS X The reason I wanted to do this is so I can run the windows version of QuickBooks on my mac, which I use at work.

Not being a computer whiz, it took me a long time and I had to do a lot of research to figure it out because of the difficulty in obtaining Windows 8. VirtualBox wasn't the issue it was understanding how to get the QuickBooks file from the disk to my laptop in a bootable form.

Used the SuperDrive under Disk Utiltiy to create a cdf file which we put on the desktop and proceeded from there. It is running great and I am glad the experience is finally over! Suggest trying later version. Here's the 1. I've not used VB, so not sure about applying the Combo updater on its guest installs. Snow Leopard Server It works great, very fast.

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Now trying to install mac OS X It gets to the black screen showing text, many dots, and ends with " Not sure it will matter but if it does, send a note. A later reply above indicated 4. If any readers have run OS X Here's a clip: First vbox showed me a black screen. Are there other settings I should tweak? Did anybody succeed doing this? Posts were before 4. It's an optional install for I also went ahead and put a Windows 7 VM on there as well. I use Fusion and Parallels on various other machines.

From a performance standpoint I find them all to run fairly well. I do not do anything processor-intensive in the Windows VMs though. The Snow Leopard VirtualBox image takes a while to come back from a suspended state.

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The speed is acceptable with 8 gigs in my early 15" MBP. I find Fusion and Parallels to run better in lower-memory environments, but that could just be that the Windows 7 VM handles low memory situations better. USB works fine once VirtualBox's extension pack is installed. I use bridged networking in all of my virtual machines since I find it more reliable. Fusion and Parallels are definitely more user-friendly. Setup and configuration in those two programs has gotten about as easy as it could be.

VirtualBox still requires a bit of documentation scouring. Parallels and Fusion also make things like folder and printer sharing a bit easier as well. For power users there is little reason to spend the money on Fusion or Parallels. For regular users, though, Parallels and Fusion are so inexpensive that there is no reason to not purchase the apps. Even XP3 doesn't work. No idea where the problem is. System Info: B03 SMC Version system: On June 20th, VBox 4. I wrote BDAqua to ask if he'd tried that update. I have now figured out how to enable printing sort of and solved the permanent implementation of a larger screen resolution.

I was unable to figure out how to enable a larger screen resolution via VBoxManage when running the OS As for the printing part it sort of goes this way. With the printer plugged into the rear USB port on the MacBook you can print from VBox when the print command is executed the normal dialog boxes show up and one clicks on the Print button, but nothing will be printed, the printer icon will show up in the doc with a yellow dot indicating a problem. Upon quitting VBox the printer will be released to the Mac and the document s will print. For text documents maybe easier to print by dragging and drop to the Mac side via the shared computer shown in the Finder sidebar or simply mailing the document to yourself to be downloaded and printed later.

To enable a larger screen resolution in VBox implement the following: Tap the space bar to continue to booting. As the MacOS boots it should exhibit the larger screen resolution upon the appearance of the gray Apple Log on the Mac boot screen. With all this accomplish due to the lack of Guest Additions in VBox for the MacOS there are still some oddities that show up that differ from a similar installation in VBox in a Windows Vista OS such as Finder drop down menus that are not persistent in that when accessing you have to hold down on the trackpad after clicking on the menu bar item and a new Finder Window does not come up with Command N.

After getting all of the above to work the settings can be retained by using the "Save machine state" when shutting down VBox.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on VirtualBox?

Regards, Wil N. The VM merely restarts. There may be other oddities but I am not aware of them. If you get a small white button with an orange dot in it in the USB icon at the bottom right hand corner of the Virtual Box window it will mount. Try again to see if the USB stick is recognized. To get a screen resolution other than the default use the information provided for Method 1 in this link.