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What do I do to get my screen going today????? Charles Latimore July 29, Has anyone updated to Mojave beta and see if the touch comes back alive? Jarron Cortez July 29, Clifford Simms July 29, Andrew July 29, They are beyond a joke. AKAI doesn't care about customer's issues, they just hired a few people to repeat a script " I'm sorry all day with no solutions! Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved. How does this make you feel?

Add Image. I'm e. Sean L July 30, I want to report that I had been on Like most people here had experienced, the Touch display stopped working. I then installed both DisplayLink 4. This got me to a point where the Touch display not only came back again, but also as an extended display I previously set a different wallpaper specifically for Touch, and that wallpaper showed up.

And if I set it to mirror mode I can see the Touch screen duplicating the Mac screen, so I assume the DisplayLink is now working properly. Anyways, at least this is a good sign for start. That's the problem. I'm sure Akai is aware of this problem but they won't do anything. Ummm, that's not really fair, they ARE doing one thing; running out the warranty coverage. Nate Andrew July 31, Agreed tmpc my music vendor won't even take returns now.

They're going to stop carrying all Akai products except mpcx and live because they've had so many issues with touch and advance Akai seriously you guys are so wrong for this. I want a refund. Andrew July 31, SD Productions July 31, Stupid question, but did you have touch connected to the Mac during the install?

I had similar problem on Helped when installed everything again without the touch connected. And then connected after installation. Should make difference but it did. Probably won't work but you can try. Sean L July 31, I did a resinstall without Touch connected but no luck here. Sean F August 10, I gave up on the Touch and purchased the Maschine!!! Jarron Cortez August 11, Lemmy July 31, From here: We thank you for your extended patience, we continue to value your feedback and support.

Kind regards, Alban. Maybe nick you should answer the feedback from this. More akai ball. This comment was removed on Kind regards, Alban How does this make you feel? Nick, I did exactly this yesterday please check my description here: The problem I have right now is that the Touch screen does come back but the Touch UI doesn't kick in. Please advise. Jarron Cortez July 31, Yeah I gave up on Akai all together and bought an MK3 lol.

SD Productions August 01, Just A Heads Up. Jarron Cortez August 01, Nick D, has Akai tried the developer preview of Mojave with the Touch? That way I want have to worry about this problem again.

How To: Install the Multi-Touch Driver for Mac

Thomas Kelley July 31, I totally understand. I returned my Touch mid January when a lot of the nightmare started. Upgraded to Live and there was no turning back. Fortunately Sweetwater took it back and parlayed return to payments on the Live. No grief, stable and standalone mode made it even better. If you can upgrade, do so. If Akai hasn't fixed this in this time I don't think they're going to. The MPC Live is way better. Good Luck!! Trill Thug August 01, Akai just sent me this. Unless DisplayLink has a Touch and have actually tried it out with Mojave, this announcement means nothing.

Hey Akai, I am sure you have the beta version of Mojave. What is wrong with you people? I would have just bought the live in the 1st place if I knew anything about it. I bought the touch right when it came out then a few months later they announce the live smh. That was bs. They should have just skipped it and just released the live.

Truly sad and disappointing this is even an issue anymore. I don't agree. The Live is much more expensive, and for me, the Touch was a much better choice for the way I work. Just remember, any computer hardware or software is always one OS update away from not working. Computers are a deal with the devil. And it have a battery! MPCEnthuziest August 01, This means we would have to wait until a whole new OS is released just to see if there will be any official support.

This also tells me that Akai can and will abandon ANY product at any time.

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By the way, I would be the first one to eat my words if they actually continue supporting the Touch past If someone is happier using a different device, more power to them. They assume a customer like me will automatically buy a Live or an X. The Touch provided a real sweet spot for certain studio setups.

This was my first mpc and it sucks because I always wanted one. Bad first experience with akai. Let's talk about display link: The current issues are on Apples side as we see it. The fruit company is real good in changing details of their operating systems.. This time display link hardware was kinda left in the dust, when using the very latest MacOS. It effects all companies offering hardware which depends on display link tech.

If you've a Mac and really need to run the very latest OS, you may run into to trouble with display link hardware. If this gets sorted out by Apple in a newer operating system is the question, we wouldn't count on it.. Use what works today, downgrade to an older Mac system.. Waiting for drivers or whatever won't help the music. Gogsinchina August 01, When a customer buys from my company they put their trust in us to provide what we promise.

If one of our suppliers can't provide the component, quality or service, it is up to us to solve. We don't tell the customer to go talk to our suppliers and we certainly don't ignore them and not answer any of their queries.

Mac OS X Touchscreen Driver for Mimo Magic Touch/720-F/720-S/760C/760CF/1080C-OF

Apple may have caused the problem but the onus is on Akai to serve their customers. They are not doing this. Ok, what's your issue? Are there display link issues with Mac OS X Thought the trouble starts with The display link issues with Apple's OS upgrade wasn't informed officially by Akai until much later. The Touch no longer works on macs past Also, Akai changed their mac system requirements on their website after the compatibility issues exploded. It was kinda shady. What was changed?


So On the MPC Touch carton box it says " Until the full release of MacOS The hardware still works but the touch interface is gone. Two driver releases after 4. Info text of beta6 of july 4 "Mirror or extending mode of more than one DisplayLink is not supported in If you require mirror or extended of multiple displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS Functionality such as Ethernet and audio, where implemented, is unaffected. We have alerted Apple to this issue and are working hard to find a resolution.

In short: If you run MacOS Then you can touch that screen again in full effect. After thinking about this last night, I find it hard to believe that Akai hasn't tried the Mojave beta with the new DisplayLink driver. I'm sure they have it installed somewhere to check out its compatibility with other software and hardware that they DO care about. This leads me to conclude that they have tried it and that it doesn't work. Mojave fifth developer preview was released on 30th July link info says: Well, I guess we have nothing to worry about.

What could go wrong? My point here is that, if this really does solve the problem, don't you think that after 7 months of Touch paperweights and screwed over customers, Akai could turn on their Mojave loaded computer first thing Monday morning and simply see if it works? You're right, definitely. Some people say the facts, others just sit and watch. Akai needs to know about it, and we think they do. Subject is Acknowledged. The MPC Toch won't be dropped, they cold have done it earlier. The bigger machines need to be supported with firmware, which takes quite some time.

If you're an Apple Dev you might run the Mojave beta today and already see. We'll wait for the final release and make a move from OS Nate Andrew August 02, As stated above by gogsinchina it doesn't matter who broke it There's zero reason they should be ignoring this issues and zero reason why they have any excuse for this behavior.

They wrote new drivers when making the Live and X, so they should be more than capable of incorporating a firmware update or fix for the touch. Displaylink shouldn't have been used regardless, and once again, having them update legacy gear, they need to do the same for the touch. Simply put. BezO August 01, Cool, sounds like I can update my OS this fall SD Productions August 14, They Plug-in be missing and sounds as well.

Jarron Cortez August 14, Know what will be funny if they pull something else like this with the MPC Live! Deka Derse August 06, This really sucks I have tried everything to get this working and now all we have is an extended screen with a pads???????????? I do not want to get a mpc live I want the touch working right answers please? I turned mine off, it's been 3 months now. Just looking at it everyday like a family picture on my desk. My first experience with AKAI and the last as well!!! Hey Nick!!! How about this! MPCEnthuziest August 11, The MPC software is now open to midi control.

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Single-Touch / Resistive Touchscreen

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Would love a high level overview of the moving parts involved here. Ultimately I want to use the touch screen to drive a specialized web interface running in Chrome , so ideally I could proxy the touch events straight to Chrome without the OS actually moving the mouse cursor to the touch location so have the UI behave just as it would on an iPad , but regardless of whether this is technically possible, I'd love to start with just getting something working. You can hope that the touchscreen isn't completely custom, though there must be some part that's not standard USB HID, or it would work already.

If there are any linux or other open source drivers available, you'll have the advantage that somebody already did some of the reverse engineering for you. If you end up needing to write a kext, that might not help you anymore, though. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you'll be as lucky.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Creating a touch screen driver for OS X: Ask Question. Brent Dillingham. Brent Dillingham Brent Dillingham 1 9 Did you ever get this to work? Looks like single-finger works a bit better on El Capitan As to some of your specific questions: