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Open VirtualBox. Select New. Type macOS. It defaults to Mac OS X.

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However, we need to change this. Finally, we need to assign a hard disk. In this case, we will Use an existing virtual hard disk file. Select the folder icon and browse to where you extracted the Virtual Machine Disk Format file.

How to Run Mac Programs on a Windows PC |

Open it. Select Settings , followed by System. Remove Floppy from the boot order. Ensure the Chipset is set to ICH9. Select the Processor tab. Assign two processors. If you have an i7 with power to spare, consider adding more. Hit OK to save the changes. Now, completely close VirtualBox.

We need to essentially patch VirtualBox before the macOS virtual machine will function. This requires us to enter some code in the Command Prompt. Start by closing VirtualBox. Next, use the following command to locate the Oracle VirtualBox directory:.

Initial Installations and Downloads

Now, enter the following commands, one by one. Adjust the command to match the name of your virtual machine. After the completion of the commands, and presuming you encountered no errors, close the Command Prompt.

Reopen VirtualBox. Double-click the macOS virtual machine to start it. Prefer VMware over VirtualBox?

We will use the Unlocker created and provided by InsanelyMac. Browse to the location you downloaded the Unlocker to. Extract the contents of the archive. This process works best when the folders are on the same drive e. Once extracted, ensure VMware is completely closed. Then, right-click the win-install command script, and select Run as administrator. The script will open a Command Prompt and the patch-script will run. Pay attention! Select Create a New Virtual Machine. Choose I will install the operating system later.

Next, we need to choose a name for the virtual machine. On the next screen, stick with the suggested maximum hard disk size, then select Store virtual disk as a single file. Complete the virtual disk creation wizard. Like VirtualBox, bump the virtual machine memory up to at least 4 GB. You can allocate more if you have RAM to spare. Underneath, remove the hard disk we created.

Select Open , then Finish. Now, close VMware. We have to make a small edit to a single file now. Head to location you stored the macOS virtual machine.

How to Run Mac OS X on Any Windows PC Using VirtualBox

The default location is:. Browse to macOS. Of course, if you prefer an alternative text editor, use that. Scroll to the bottom of the configuration file and add the following line:. There are a couple of things that can and probably will go wrong during the macOS virtual machine installation in VMware Player Workstation. Ensure every process associated with VMware Player is off. Transition smoothly from Mac to Windows with our advice. Read More , or use it to access some of the best apps Apple has to offer. Here's why it's a great update for anyone who needs to run a virtual machine on their Mac.

What do you use your macOS virtual machine for? Let us know your thoughts below! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Both machines only show x so do I need to I stall Nvidia web drivers perhaps? Im running a pro version of Workstation 15 I bought and have 2 VMs running great except for the low Resolution.

I can use the mac but it won't let me use iMessage, apple support says its because the serial number is zero and it's probably a Hackintosh oops. Is there any way I can change the serial number to something legit so i can use iMessage etc? Thanks a lot for this brilliant tutorial. All steps described above went through without any errors. However, I seem to be the only one having this problem. When the VM starts I get the Apple logo in the center of the screen and a progress bar beneath it moving slowly to the right. It just won't go any further.

No visible errors are thrown. I am unsure how to interpret the log messages, though:. Channel 0, guest application toolbox. Could not find the file T Unable to read signature file 'C: Selected Tools ISO 'darwin. CDROM sata0: When I put in a disc, the VM tries to access it during bootup but then throws another error. So apparently that is not the root-cause for the VM not to finish booting.

Instead of only adding the line 'smc. The screen stays black even after about five minutes. Here's a list of thing I tried that did not help: Saw somewhere in the comments that if you have an AMD with 6 processors you need to assign all 6 as virtual processors, that did not help. Tried to disable Windows Hyper-V, but could not find it in the Windows control panel so I used a commandline to disable it. Disabled my McAfee virus checker. I created an Ubuntu VM to see if that would work and it works fine. I also started on the VMWare option, but the link to the Unlocker is not valid anymore.

It stays in the black screen with the white text which does say the system uptime meaning the system is up, but it does nothing else. Any help? The messages probably report a panic mode. Use VMWare instead. Hi Gavin Many thanks for this. I got it working for Intel on Virtual Box. Everything working fine exceot for one thing - the Apple maps app is completely black! The reason I wanted to this in the first place was to use Apple maps.

Hi, Sorry to bother , in my case everything went fine all the way, but upon opening virtual box and double clicking the created virtual mac, i got the following error: More details may be available in 'C: Result Code: MachineWrap Interface: Tried to use my Apple ID when it asked me to, then this message appears: Cannot create Apple ID This mac is no longer eligible to create apple id accounts Create an apple id using a different device. I was not creating a new one, just using my existing ID. Infact, I had some issues initially and found out that they are with the command line codes I used.

Is there any fix for the same? I am using the VMBox version 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mani. I've followed the instructions to the T and upon execution, a message by Virtual Box - Guru Meditation??? I got it to work finally by downloading 5. Not sure about the rest, now my only issue is to get the screen size to a decent resolution and scale. Thank you very much! I have followed all the steps and not seemed to have any errors or issues, but when I go to run the machine I just get a quick shot of the VirtualBox logo and then it goes to black and doesn't move on.

Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it? I have gone through the steps to set up macOS on virtualbox, however I get stuck at a screen with grey, white and yellow text. I have gone through the process but on the Command Prompt I keep getting "Syntax error: Missing or INvalid argument to '--cpuidset'?? I've downloaded mac OS I've extracted the file and now have a VMDK file.

Switch between Windows and macOS with Boot Camp

Consult Apple support to see which Mac models are compatible with which versions of Windows. Windows 8 and Windows 8. To install Windows 8 via Boot Camp, you still must have a legitimate Windows 8 license from Microsoft and a Win8 installation disc, assuming that you have an optical drive. Run Boot Camp Assistant in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder to make sure that you have the latest firmware on your computer and to install any support software from Apple that you might need.

This partition must be at least 30GB and can swell to the total free disk space on hand minus 30GB.

Basic training

If you have a Mac Pro with more than one internal hard drive, you can select which drive to partition. If any of this makes you nervous, know that you can remove the Windows partition later and go back to a single-partition Mac. Failure to heed this warning could wipe out your entire Mac OS X startup disk.

Optional If you see a listing for Drive Options, click it; otherwise, proceed to Step 6. Boot Camp 5.